How to separate Lac Beads from Kashmir Beads?

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I’ve crawled through the internet and found that most of the websites are confused on naming between Kashmiri beads and Lac beads. Many of them are wrongly mentioning Kashmiri beads as Lac beads. Lac beads are significantly different than Kashmiri beads in terms of material used though they seem to be similar in appearance. Some of the key ways on how one can differentiate between Lac and Kashmiri beads:
  • Kashmiri beads uses metal frame hole while lac beads normally doesn’t.
  • Kashmiri beads does not gets soften on heating while lac beads does.
  • Kashmiri beads are tough, while lac beads are bit fragile.
Lac beads should be kept away from heat as if they are kept together they may get stick to each other or can loose some of its shape since lac gets soften with heat.