Unusual Shapes

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  • Sold in pack of 50pc.
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MBD-19450pc Black Egg Shaped Bead28.00 USD
MBD-22750pc Black & White Ring Bead14.00 USD
MBD-20850pc Black Button Bead with Golden Spots16.00 USD
MBD-20650pc Black Ring Bead with Golden Spots14.00 USD
MBD-60850pc Euro Style Bead Studded with Red Rhinestones & Accessories20.00 USD
MBD-17050pc Golden Tablet Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-23450pc Golden with Red Spots Button Bead16.00 USD
MBD-23350pc Golden with Red Spots Ring Bead18.00 USD
MBD-23150pc Golden with Red Spots Triangular Handpressed Bead18.00 USD
MBD-15950pc Golden-Black Triangular Handpressed Bead12.00 USD
MBD-15750pc Golden-Black Unique Handshaped Bead12.00 USD
MBD-22450pc Green with Black Spots Unusual-shaped Bead15.00 USD
MBD-16550pc Hand-designed Golden Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-21250pc Shining Golden Ring Bead14.00 USD
MBD-42450pc Silver Color Glitter Flat Bead12.00 USD
MBD-45550pc Triangular Shaped Silver Color Glitter Bead14.00 USD
MBD-21550pc Twisted Golden Bead with Green Spots22.00 USD
MBD-22250pc Twisted Green Bead with Black Spots18.00 USD
MBD-45650pc Unusual Shaped Silver Color Glitter Bead16.00 USD