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Bead 'n Shop is an online wholesale bead and jewelry store, owned by Maruti International® (India). Bead 'n Shop's bead production is a Cottage Industry, with no "middle man" involved. Beads are originally designed and produced exclusively for Bead 'n Shop.

"We believe that our handmade beads are some of the most stunning and unique." Mr. Lal, CEO

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Rhinestone Beads

If you're an Indian bead lover then you're usually surrounded with beads of glass, stones, plastics, metals, wooden, etc. but you might have never been around to a bead which is made by a material called lac. Lac is a natural material which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Apart from artistic work of lac bead it has a charm of its, Indian, tradition and culture. To know more about lac bead please click here.

Our bead shop beads can be used in making various fashion jewelry and ornaments. They can be worn alone in a chain as a pendant or as an earring. They can be strung together to form necklace, bracelet, anklet and key chain. They are also used to decorate Christmas trees and sometimes doors and walls by hanging along its sides. They can also be used as a focal bead in any jewelers project. Uses of these beads are not limited - where you like you can use it.

Recent Blog Posts

Bead 'n Shop will soon be launching a new and unique type of beads which will be known as "Maruti Beads". These beads are designed by artists from Bead 'n Shop and can't be found anywhere else.

These beads require a lot more time to manufacture and can only be crafted by "expert craftsmen". As a result, we have decided to sell these beads in pack of 25 pcs (per design).