Copper Beads

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Sold in pack of 100 grams.
MCB-916100gm Pot-shaped Copper Bead16.00 USD
MCB-901100gm Round Silver Plated Copper Bead18.00 USD
MCB-923100gm Round Striped Copper Oxidized Bead16.00 USD
MCB-904A100gm Silver Plated Copper Bead in Cylindrical Shape18.00 USD
MCB-903C100gm Silver Plated Copper Bead in Round Flattened Shape18.00 USD
MCB-910100gm Silver-Plated Copper Bead in Spring Design18.00 USD
MCB-905B100gm Silver-Plated Copper Bead with 4mm Hole Size18.00 USD
MCB-909100gm Spring Oxidized Copper Bead16.00 USD
MCB-924100gm Square Copper Bead16.00 USD
MCB-914100gm Traditional Oxidized Copper Bead16.00 USD
MBD-60850pc Euro Style Bead Studded with Red Rhinestones & Accessories20.00 USD