Cylindrical Beads

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  • Sold in pack of 50pc.
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MBD-33950pc Black Bead Studded with Golden Accessories16.00 USD
MBD-72050pc Black Bead Studded with Metal Rings & Rhinestones20.00 USD
MBD-35050pc Black Bead Studded with Mirror & Accessories18.00 USD
MBD-47950pc Black Bead Studded with Mirror Chips & Accessories24.00 USD
MBD-33550pc Black Bead Studded with Seed Bead &  Metal Design26.00 USD
MBD-46050pc Black Bead Studded with Seed Beads and Accessories26.00 USD
MBD-46450pc Black Bead Studded with Silver Accessories18.00 USD
MBD-28850pc Black Bead with Brass-color Accessories18.00 USD
MBD-29050pc Black Bead with Glittering Silver Grains & Silver Flower20.00 USD
MBD-19050pc Black Cylindrical Bead with Glass Tubes & Mirrors20.00 USD
MBD-16150pc Black Cylindrical Bead with Golden Stripe16.00 USD
MBD-32750pc Blue Bead Studded with Big Rhinestone & Seed Beads30.00 USD
MBD-33750pc Blue Bead Studded with Rhinestones & Semi-pearl Cabochons26.00 USD
MBD-23650pc Brown Bead Rimmed with Rhinestones & Cabochons26.00 USD
MBD-45350pc Dark Brown Grain Bead with Silver Flowers & Silver Ball Chain18.00 USD
MBD-60850pc Euro Style Bead Studded with Red Rhinestones & Accessories20.00 USD
MBD-16850pc Golden Cylindrical Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-33450pc Golden Glitter Bead Studded with Rhinestone & Heart Shape Metal28.00 USD
MBD-23050pc Golden with Red Spots Cylindrical Bead18.00 USD
MBD-41050pc Gray Glitter Bead Studded with Accessories16.00 USD