Kashmiri Bangles & Bracelets

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MBNG-1801pc Black Colored Bangle Embedded with Rhinestones & Accessories10.00 USD
MBNG-1821pc Black Colored Bangle Studded with Mirrors & Grains8.00 USD
MBNG-1861pc Blue Colored Bangle Embeded with Mirrors & Accessories8.00 USD
MBNG-1661pc Bracelet Embedded with Mirror & Accessories7.00 USD
MBNG-1641pc Bracelet Embeded with Rhinestone & Accessories7.00 USD
MBNG-1651pc Bracelet Studded with Metal Grains & Accessories7.00 USD
MBNG-1841pc Golden Colored Bangle Studded with Mirrors & Accessories14.00 USD
MBNG-1831pc Green Bangle Studded with Metal Accessories & Rhinestones12.00 USD
MBNG-1811pc Pink Bangle Studded with Rhinestones & Accessories12.00 USD