Kashmiri Beads

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Kashmiri bead, often confused with "lac bead" due to its similar appearance, is made of polymer clay (generally marble powder) mixed with hardener and resin (semi-liquid adhesive) which is hand-decorated with faceted glass chips, rhinestones, seed beads, small brass/metal components and other various accessories. Each individual bead is unique!

MBD-56150pc Shinning Brown Euro Style Bead with Green Rhinestones24.00 USD
MBD-55850pc Shinning White Euro Style Bead Studded with Accessories22.00 USD
MBD-55250pc Shinning White Euro Style Bead Studded with Multi-color Round Cabochons18.00 USD
MBD-55150pc Shinning White Euro Style Bead Studded with Small Flowers18.00 USD
MBD-43250pc Silver Bead Studded with Mirrors16.00 USD
MBD-45750pc Silver Bead Studded with Silver Chain & Rhinestones24.00 USD
MBD-34150pc Silver Color Bead Studded Mirror & Accesseries16.00 USD
MBD-42450pc Silver Color Glitter Flat Bead12.00 USD
MBD-43050pc Silver Glitter Bead Studded with Mirrors & Accessories16.00 USD
MBD-42950pc Silver Glitters Bead Studded with Golden Accessories16.00 USD
MBD-45550pc Triangular Shaped Silver Color Glitter Bead14.00 USD
MBD-45650pc Unusual Shaped Silver Color Glitter Bead16.00 USD
MBD-24350pc White Bead Rimmed with Rhinestones & Cabochons26.00 USD
MBD-33250pc White Glitter Bead Studded Rhinestone & Glass-chips24.00 USD
MBD-42850pc White Glitter Bead Studded with Accessories15.00 USD
MBD-43450pc Yellow Bead Studded Colorful Rhinestones16.00 USD
MBD-34050pc Yellow Bead Studded with Accessories18.00 USD
MBD-33050pc Yellow Bead Studded with Glass & Red Seed Beads20.00 USD
MBD-32950pc Yellow Bead Studded with Glass & Seed Beads22.00 USD
MBD-71850pc Yellow Bead Studded with Metal Chains & Rhinestones20.00 USD