Lac Beads

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We're no longer manufacturing lac beads.

Lac, sometimes misspelled as lakh, is the hardened resin, secreted by the tiny lac insect belonging to a bug family. The widely known Indian lac insect (small in size, need a magnifying glass to see it) is Kerria lac Kerr. Lac insects settle closely on the twigs of certain host trees, suck the plant sap and grow, all the while secreting lac resin from their bodies. Lac is natural resin which is hard, tough and brittle but softens with slow heating. For more information go to

Lac beads are handmade traditional Indian beads which are embellished with faceted glass chips, rhinestones, seed beads, small brass/metal components and other various accessories. Each individual bead is work of an art!

  • Sold in pack of 50pc.
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MBD-30150pc Black Bead Studded with Seed Bead forming Flower Design22.00 USD
MBD-36850pc Black Bead Studded with White & Orange Seed Beads22.00 USD
MBD-35150pc Black Bead Studded with Wire-bordered  Rhinestones22.00 USD
MBD-19350pc Black Bead with Exclusive Glasswork36.00 USD
MBD-20850pc Black Button Bead with Golden Spots16.00 USD
MBD-19050pc Black Cylindrical Bead with Glass Tubes & Mirrors20.00 USD
MBD-16150pc Black Cylindrical Bead with Golden Stripe16.00 USD
MBD-20650pc Black Ring Bead with Golden Spots14.00 USD
MBD-19250pc Black Round Bead with Glass Chips & Metal Rings22.00 USD
MBD-20450pc Black Square Bead with Golden Spots14.00 USD
MBD-38450pc Cream-color Bead Studded with Blue Rhinestones & Seed Beads18.00 USD
MBD-38550pc Cream-color Bead Studded with Wire-rings & Seed Beads20.00 USD
MBD-16850pc Golden Cylindrical Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-17250pc Golden Heart Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-17050pc Golden Tablet Bead with Multicolor Stripes16.00 USD
MBD-22650pc Golden with Black Spots Square Bead22.00 USD
MBD-23450pc Golden with Red Spots Button Bead16.00 USD
MBD-23050pc Golden with Red Spots Cylindrical Bead18.00 USD
MBD-23350pc Golden with Red Spots Ring Bead18.00 USD
MBD-23250pc Golden with Red Spots Round Bead18.00 USD