Maruti Beads

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"Maruti Beads" are one of the unique creations by Bead 'n Shop which are exclusively designed by the 'expert Indian craftsmen' who carry years of experience in bead-making profession. These handcrafted beads are a result of unique fusion between kashmiri beads and "silver plated" copper accessories.

Maruti beads require a lot of more time to manufacture due to its unusual design and are sold in pack of 25pc per unit.
MB-117425pc Red Bead Studded with Seed Beads & Rhinestones14.00 USD
MB-117925pc Yellow Bead Studded with Red Glass Chips & Metal Rings16.00 USD
MB-117325pc Yellow Beads Studded with Metal Rings & Blue Rhinestones15.50 USD
MB-113925pc Yellow Beads Studded with Metal Rings & Rhinestones16.00 USD
MB-119625pc Yellow Color Beads Studded with Rhinestone20.00 USD
MB-119025pc Blue Beads Studded with Metal Chain & Acrylic Rhinestones13.50 USD
MB-119125pc  Glitter Bead Studded with Silver Plated Metal Flower12.50 USD
MB-110625pc Green Bead Studded with Seed Beads & Rhinestones19.50 USD