crystal beads

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In general term crystal is referred as "colorless glass" but, actually, "Crystal" or "Rock Crystal" is a natural occurring colorless variety of "quartz" gemstone. Due to its crystal clear transparency, good hardness and affordable price, "rock crystal" is extensively used for making beads.

"Rock crystal" having fractures is dyed in many colors and sold as a substitute for many other natural gemstones. For example, "rock crystal" completely dyed in purplish-red color will become a substitute for natural gemstone - ruby. Mostly all dyed "rock crystals" are converted into beads and sold as a natural gemstone beads in trade.

Nowadays, many man-made (lab-made) crystal beads i.e., "synthetic colorless quartz beads" are also available in market. Visual or eye separation of "man-made crystal" from "natural crystal" is not possible. Therefore, it is wise to purchase high valued crystal beads which have been verified by reputed gemological lab.

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