diamond bangles

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Diamond is a natural occurring stone which is formed within the earth's crust at very high temperature and pressure. Diamond is also man-made in lab which in gemological term is called "synthetic diamond". Since all chemical, optical and physical properties of natural and synthetic diamond are same it is not possible to separate them with simple hand held gemological tools.

RBC (round brilliant cut) or princess cut (square) diamonds are used in making diamond bangles. Once studded in bangle it is very difficult to separate diamonds from its substitutes (mainly "synthetic cubic zirconia" and "synthetic moissanite"). It also becomes difficult to visually make out the actual color (on the basis of GIA standard) of diamond as the color of metal (yellow gold, white gold, platinum) gets reflected in diamond. So it is recommended to buy a diamond bangle which has both authenticity and quality certificate from reputed gemological lab.